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Though named daily, it is weekly. Behold the first mystery.

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Created on 2011-07-29 15:06:07 (#954172), last updated 2013-02-12 (322 weeks ago)

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Name:DreamWidth Daily Quiz
Website:LiveJournal Daily Quiz
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:comedy, quizzes, trivia, humor
Welcome! This community hosts the DreamWidth Daily Quiz, an offshoot of the LiveJournal Daily Quiz, which has been running since 2004.

Our goal: Comedy, pure and simple. Sure, it looks like a trivia contest, but really, nothing could be further from the truth.


1. A new Quiz will be posted every TUESDAY, usually before noon EST. Sometimes later, because [personal profile] chaosvizier loves gin.

2. Answers are due by FRIDAY, midnight, your time. Please submit answers by posting them as replies to the Daily Quiz post. All replies are screened, so you will not be able to read everyone else's replies. (If you post an answer on Saturday or Sunday, we might still see it and consider it, but then again, we might be drinking at that time.)

If you do not have a DW account, you can still submit answers to the DWDQ. However, please give us a name by which to identify your responses. You can use your real name, online handle, nom de plume, nom de porn - it's your call.

3. The DWDQ moderators will read all submitted Daily Quiz answers, choose the best ones, add some commentary, and then compile them into the Daily Answers, which will be posted on MONDAY, usually before noon EST. The best ones have little, and often nothing, to do with being the correct answers; we're more interested in how funny, clever, or insane you can make your answer. Keep in mind that there really is no winning or losing the Daily Quiz by getting answers right or wrong. We pick the answers we like. Also, please don't email us to ask why your answer wasn't chosen. We're usually drinking whilst compiling the Daily Answers, so there's no point in whining about it.

If you're really curious about what kind of answers we're looking for, check out previous Daily Answers posts. That is what we have in mind. Remember: "Smart is easy, funny is hard."

4. Since this Quiz isn't about seeing which contestant is best at using internet search engines, WEB CHEATING is not allowed. If you don't know the answer, make one up. If the moderators suspect anyone of Web Cheating, we will capriciously suspend you from the Daily Quiz for as long as it pleases us to do so (well, probably not). We will also subject you to teasing & mockery from us & others (most definitely).

5. Tell your friends to join us! The more, the merrier.

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